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TJVendors - Integrating TJ Vendors with a CPG Plugin

Integrating TJ Vendors with CPG Plugin

Integrating payment plugins with TJ Vendor will allow each vendor to configure their payment information which will be used for receiving payments. The vendor can add/edit his payment information from the vendor edit page.

Supporting vendor specific payment configuration

To integrate with any payment plugin for eg: paypal, create a jform xml in the path - paypal/paypal/form/paypal.xml which will have the fields that need to be filled in by the vendor for saving payment information.

When any extension implements multi-vendor then the extension will now provide the vendor's payment configuration values to the payment plugin code.

Vendor flow

When adding or editing a vendor profile, in the payment Information tab, you will see paypal in the list. Once you choose paypal, you will see the fields that were defined in the XML.

Last update: June 3, 2020