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TJNotifications - Onsite Notifications

TJ Notifications - Onsite Notifications

Template for Onsite Notification message body

Every notification template for onsite-notification must have following JSON structure.

The title, body, icon, link fields are needed as part of JSON template body.

    "title": "You checked into {{event.title}}",

    "body": "You have successfully checked into <strong>{{event.title}}</strong>. Thank you for your presence.",

    "icon": "",

    "link": ""

Setup needed to make Onsite Notifications work

  • Once "onsite" method is added in defines.php (or enabled from configuration in future)
  • Goto admin backend, goto your component's notification templates
  • On notification template edit form, enable onsite notifications
  • In the notification message body add JSON like from above example, save template
  • You must add recepients as a subscriber in TJNotifications OR pass user ids for "onsite" backend as receipients refer example below
// Set recipients
$recipients = array (
    // Add JUsers

    // Add specific to, cc (optional), bcc (optional)
    'email' => array (
        'to' => array ($customer->email),
        'cc' => array ($admin->email)

    // Onsite notifications
    'onsite' => array (

    // Add mobile numbers for sms (optional) - will be supported in future
    'sms' => array (
  • Now, as long as your code is triggering TJNotification lib send methods, notifications data will be added in to database table for newly generated notifications
  • TJNotifications has both controller methods and API endpoints available to fetch these NEW notifications to be shown to end user
  • You can use those endpoints to make ajax call on client side to get NEW notification messages to be shown to end user

Sample client side code to fetch NEW notification messages:

document.onreadystatechange = function () {
    if (document.readyState == "interactive") {
        // @withCredentials=true: pass the cross-domain cookies to server-side
        // Pass joomla userid below
        const source = new EventSource(

        source.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
            data = JSON.parse(;

            if (typeof(data.notifications) != "undefined") {
                // Show new messages using some way
        }, false);

Last update: January 25, 2021